Don't Wait Too Long To Register Your Name


It happens all the time. You think about getting a domain name. It sounds interesting, and sounds like it is a really good idea to OWN your own Internet Identity with your own personal web address.

You think about it some more. You might even check to see what's available, and see that your name is available. You think about it some more.

Stop Thinking, Just Do It. Register your name now.

Why? What's the rush?

Timing is everything. Do you want someone else to get YOUR name?
I hesitated back in 1998, and lost Luckily, it became available a few years later.

But, what about now? With more people thinking about their own Personal Web Addresses? With smart parents thinking about their child's future?

Here is an example that JUST happened. I was talking with Frank about him changing his ISP. Pretty common stuff, switching from Cable Modem to DSL, or DSL to Cable. (or the ancient dial-up connection to anything from this century).

As we discussed the best way to tell everyone of his new email address (since he's changing providers), I suggested he get his own address. That way he never has to worry about changing his email address, whether he moves, or goes back to Cable, or starts to connect using some future technology.

Own your address, take it anywhere. Like your Cell Phone number.

So we checked to see if was available. Nope. The .net version was, but he wanted a .com. Next on the list was
Available, and we registered immediately. No thinking, no deciding.

Once we had secured the domain name for him, I decided to check on the other domain: (without the P)

Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2007-05-25
Registration Date.... 2007-05-25

That name was registered only ONE month ago! Timing is everything. Frank hadn't been indecisive. He just hadn't thought about it yet, so he can't be upset with himself. I'm sure if he had thought of it last month, he would have grabbed it immediately. had been registered one month ago, apparently by a parent who was thinking ahead. As of this date (6/25/07), the site looks like it is just a placeholder for a future site. How thoughtful of that person to give young Frank a personal web address they will be sure to use as an adult. Great investment.

Now, what if that person had decided to think about it a little? Decided to wait to register the name? Think, think, tick, tock, think. If THEY had waited one month to make their decision, that name would have belonged to our Frank P! And wouldn't they be upset? Because of indecision, because of over-thinking, they would have lost the opportunity to give that child a great domain name.

Thinking about getting a personal web address for yourself, or for someone else? What a great graduation gift to give to a student- their own private, personal web address!

Don't delay.
If you think too long, you might find someone took the name the day before.

If this all sounds silly, and over-indulgent, that's fine. Just make a mark on your calendar when you got this information and learned about the idea of personal web addresses. Mark this date as the day you ignored interesting advice. And in a year or two, when it seems that everyone is using their very own personal address, you'll know when you missed the opportunity knocking.

Just a few years ago, no one thought they could use the same phone number between Cell Phone carriers. Same can be done with email. Now.



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