Even AOL agrees you should have your own name

Around the time that AOL went 'free' for everyone, they also started marketing 'Real Web Addresses'.

It seems AOL understands the need for a more professional and personal email address.

America Online calls it AOL My eAddress. Hmmmm, sounds familiar. Get My Family Name vs My eAddress. No, I didn't copy the idea. It's not a new idea. It's just new that a big company like AOL is pushing people to use addresses other than 'AOL'.

But.... there's a catch with AOL's service. A very important catch...


You register it, it's yours to use, but AOL owns it! Read the info directly from their site here.
Their pitch is great:

AOL My eAddress Registration

My eAddress is a free personal domain mail service that enables you to search for a personal domain, set up a personal mailbox, send and receive mail using a personal e-mail address, and invite others to use a mailbox on the domain. The My eAddress service can be accessed using Webmail, and mail clients such as Microsoft® Outlook. Additionally, you can log into the AIM® client with your personal e-mail address identity.

But, here's the important part:

The Registrant of the Domain Name You Create

You will have use of the domain you create through AOL. This means that AOL will remain the official Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) registrant, but maintain internal system records linking you as the end-user of the domain. AOL will introduce the ability to transfer domains to other registrars for domain transfer fee in the future. In the meantime, AOL reserves the right to terminate service if AOL's Terms of Service (TOS) are violated.

So, take AOL's advice and get your own personal email address. But DON'T give them ownership of the name. Go to www.7SagesDomains.com and Own Your Personal Web Address!


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