Facts about Domain Names (for the less technical)

All this talk about Domains, URLs, Web Addresses and IPs can get real confusing.

Here are just a few facts about what a Domain Name is.

  • Domain Name = Web Address like brianshea.net, or getmyfamilyname.com
  • Domain Names are not case sensitive, so getmyfamilyname.com is the same as GetMyFamilyName.com. This allows for making an address easier to read and remember.
  • Names are registered/renewed annually (like car registrations). If not renewed, the name becomes available for someone else to register and use.
  • A domain can be registered for up to 10 years at one time (this allows for renewing every 10 years instead of every year)
  • A Domain Name must point to a location on the web. Normally, this would be a web host where a website is setup for that domain. However, the name can simply point to another website. An example would be www.AppalachianChiropractic.com points to www.DrLisaBarker.com
  • A Domain Name can be configured for email as well, allowing for multiple email addresses. So, if a name was registered: 3600NSaginaw.com, different email address could be setup like lori@, linda@, larry@ 3600NSaginaw.com
  • Domain Names are transferable. A name can be sold or transferred to another owner as needed. In the case of using a street address for a domain name, the name can easily be transferred to any new occupant of that street address.

Any other questions, just ask.



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