Forwarding AOL email to New Address

After you finally get your own Personal Web Address, you'll want to forward your old email address to your new address. In the past, this was near impossible for AOL users. America Online still doesn't offer an auto-forward option.

But, there is a way to do it. I found this website that offers a service for forwarding your AOL mail to your new email address. No more checking 2 or more accounts.

I don't know how well the service works. I just know it is available for when you finally leave the shackles of AOL.

How to Forward AOL Emails

VersaForward Service

The first approach is the easiest and what we recommend for most people. You can sign-up for VersaForward Service and provide us with your AOL login information. Our service is always running and will forward your new AOL emails to your mobile device (Blackberry or cell phone) or other email address.

VersaForward Personal

The second approach is more difficult and only recommended for advanced users. Our VersaForward Personal software can be installed and run on your home computer. It does require that your computer is always running when you want your AOL forwarding. VersaForward Personal is designed to work with IMAP email accounts.

This info came from:

If you use it, and it works well, please let me know. I'm curious if it can help many people finally get rid of their AOL account. 


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