Same email address through Grad School and beyond

Imagine having the same address, from college, to facebook, to grad school, to professional life.
One of the benefits of a personal web address is that the 'kids' could have an address that doesn't change, ever. Through college, through Grad School. One address the whole time. And... During the, uh, risk years, you could actually monitor their email (as opposed to them having a Yahoo account).

Risk years?

Well, some people seem concerned that their name, or their kid's name will now be out there on the dangerous Internet. That it makes it easier for someone to steal your identity if you have a web address.

Having your name as a web address is NO different than having your name in the phone book. It's just a name. As a matter of fact, your name in the phonebook is probably more 'dangerous' if privacy is a concern, since it usually publishes your address and phone number.


When registering a domain name, you can use Privacy services which protect your identity. Most registrars offer some way to protect your privacy if it is a concern for you.

ID Protect:

  • Protect yourself from telemarketers, unsolicited emails or spam, and identity theft.
  • Switch your "public" domain registration to a "private" unlisted registration through ID Protect.

Safer email for kids

Since you control the web address, you can also control the email. When the kids are growing up and start needing an email address, you can setup their email address and create a monitoring account so you can check up on their communication. This is better than having them use YahooMail or Gmail for themselves and possibly change the password on you.
Or, let them use the Gmail account, and have a copy of their mail forwarded to your mailbox. This brings up privacy concerns, but that is a parental issue between parent and child.

Basically, you have a lot more options available to you when you 'own' your own personal web address.


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