Simple Domain Name Redirect

Sometimes you might already have a website created on a friend's server. Or maybe you want to use your free site you have with your ISP, like AOL or Earthlink.

But, you might not like the long address you have, like ""

Having your own domain name POINT to that site would allow you to give visitors an easy to remember name. A recent example is

Scratchboard Art had been on our servers for many years, with a couple of different web shops. As time went on, they looked for better, easier ways to keep their site updated.
Eventually, their daughter was able to create a website using a folder on her own site. This allowed them to point their current domain name to the new, more cost effective website.

Recently, they redirected their domain name from their old website, to simply point to the new site at
Using a URL Frame for the redirect, we are able to 'hide' the actual address on '' and make the browser read the preferred address:

Keep your old, free website hosting, but give it a professional web address. For the low price of a Domain Registration, you can put on a professional face.


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