trying out new website -

I’m trying out a new website concept. dotTV.

Instead of having a YouTube account, the idea is to have your very own web address to display videos.

But, it’s more like mySpace or Facebook, since it’s a social network setting, with blog, photos, friends, and all the ‘latest’ crap.

Instead of an address like or

I can have

What’s the big deal? It could prove to be nothing. But, currently, the way it’s setup, I can grab any video from any of the major sites, plus add my own videos directly to the site. So, it’s can be a consolidation of all your favorites, at your very own ‘channel’, with your own address.

The potential is revenue. It’s still in a young state, but supposedly there is revenue sharing on these channels. So, if people are visiting my channel, and ads are displayed on the site, I share some of the revenue. Unknown amounts, and probably tiny, but interesting concept.

So far, it only costs the price of the domain name registration, which is on sale till Nov 30, for about $17/yr I think. The normal price of .tv domains are about $30-$50. So, annual renewals might be $40, but not sure yet. But the ‘channel’ setup, currently, is free. Think of it as a personalized mySpace, for the price of a name.

I’ll give more info as I learn more. Let me know if you’re interested in trying one out. I might be able to get the domains for less than $17.



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